Late Posting of absences

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Late Posting of absences

Post by Open Enrolment Game » Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:16 pm

We have had a huge number of players posting their absences on game day, some with as little as 10 minutes notice before game time.

We have always encouraged players to post whenever they find they are unable to attend, regardless of the time. We have also been VERY lenient in enforcing the 24 hour rule. In fact I have not fined anyone who has taken the time to post.

Unfortunately this is now a big problem, as far too many players are taking advantage of our leniency and posting far too late for anyone to pick up the game. This means our PT players are missing opportunities to play and it costs everyone when we cannot properly fill these spots.

So moving forward the policy will remain as it is written in the rules. The only change will be that any player posting without the required 24 hours notice WILL BE CHARGED THE $10 FINE, but ONLY if the posting is not picked up by another player.

This seems like the fairest method to handle the situation.

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