Full Timers picking up postings - READ FIRST

ONLY posings here that notify ADULT PLAYERS of roster changes or openings. Any other posts in this forum will be removed. Please place a new posting for each roster spot you are making available (i.e. do not post 2 available games in one post)and keep replies within the same thread
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Full Timers picking up postings - READ FIRST

Post by Open Enrolment Game » Tue Jan 06, 2009 4:38 pm

:shock: Please be aware of the following policy:

Every game picked up will cost 1 game credit.

This is to allow the OE players opportunity to pick up postings.

Any FT or OE player who picks up a game and then fails to show or reposts it with less then 24 hours notice WILL BE FINED regardless of the reason.

Sorry to get tight on this guys, but the rule is here to keep it fair for everyone.