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Hockey, it's the greatest game in the world but lately all we seem to hear about is kids or parents suing coaches, politics, crazed parents beating up coaches and referees and more politics.

It seems the game is no longer about fun, hanging out with friends or the sheer challenge of the game itself. It's become a game of intimidation, screaming ‘fans’ and trying to hurt your competition.

At the Just For Fun Hockey League, we'd like to bring everyone back to hockey at it's simplest level where there is enjoyable competition, everyone wants to play the game for the right reasons and all players are given an equal chance. We want everyone involved with the JFFHL to want to come to the rink, and play each game without fear.

Most adults can remember playing pickup hockey with ‘the gang’ be it on an outdoor rink or late at night at the local arena. It was sticks in the middle, and “game on”. Everyone was there to have fun and the score wasn't that important, although bragging rights until the next week were always nice! Those were the best times to play this game, no pressure, no fear and great friendships were made. Our mission is to bring hockey back to that level in London through the Just For Fun Adult Hockey Leagues, while making it organized and structured. In short, were offering organized shinny, with a twist and computerized organization.

If you want good clean ice hockey competition and fun; we have the adult hockey league for you (in London, Ontario). If you're a highly skilled player or even new to organized hockey and enjoy friendly competition, the JFFHL will most likely appeal to you.

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